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Our Mission

Our Mission


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our Congolese refugee families diverse opportunities so that they are self reliant as a new and growing community in this part of the United States.

Vision Statement

We intend to be an exemplary African community living in this part of the country that is aimed at being self reliant and productive both to the city of Scranton and Lackawanna through engagement and learning the American ways of living so as to transition into the native society.


Values Statement

The Congolese Community as a merging new Community in Eastern Pennsylvania seeks unite Congolese refugee families through promoting unity. As an African community, most of our families want to preserve the cultures and traditions and this can only be achieved if we are united. Therefore the community leader and his Committee that is appointed by himself serves to make sure the community is safe and doing well in general through visiting families and intervening in issues that relate to education, welfare and a lot more. We do not want to be seen as a burden to the government but rather as a productive community.

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