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643 Adams Avenue Suit 602

Scranton PA 18510


We are a united Congolese community that emerged as a result of refugee resettlement to the to this part of north east Pennsylvania. Many of the families came from the refugee camp of Nyarugusu in Tanzania. Other refugee families came from Uganda, Rwanda, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia. Since 2015, many of these families were able to get resettled here through the U.S Refugee Admissions Program and the Refugee Reception and Placement was an oustanding job done by the Catholic Social Services of the Diocese of Scranton. Currently, we are about 35 households including more families that came from as far as Philadelphia, Maryland and West Virginia to unite with their friends and family. 

Besides being from the same country and coming from different refugee camps and urban areas, we have different tribal affiliations and this means we speak different languages as well. Our Congolese refugee families belong to many tribes that include Bafulero, Bakongo, Banyabwisha, Babembe, Barega, Banyamulenge, Congolese-Banyarwanda and many more. When we all found ourselves in Scranton, we rejoiced and wanted to cooperate in every aspect of life because we realised that based on our refugee background, we were a different people and hence needed to take care of each other so that our new community in North Eastern Pennsylvania could thrive. Please feel free to visit our homes and get to know our story.

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